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“At Nice, we will never hold a player back”

J-P. Rivère

September 5, 2017

“At Nice, we will never hold a player back”

Present at the press conference to introduce the Gym’s three new recruits, Jean-Pierre Rivère made the most of the occasion to repeat, after having done so on CFC on Sunday, the story of the failed transfer of Mika Seri to Barcelona. Talking honestly.

“Mika is a lad who has a superb mentality, who has always been very respectful to the club. I insist on one thing: he only called me on one occasion, between the moment when he understood that it wasn’t able to happen (Wednesday) and the day after when it had become definitive (Thursday). He simply explained to me that it was a very important opportunity for him and that he was disappointed. I am certain that it wasn’t Mika who came out with those quotes along the lines of: “The walls shook”. We didn’t see that, it was a pure invention. His entourage wanted, at one point, to put the pressure on to get out of a complicated situation, but I don’t have any doubts about Mika. When you find out that in the end, it won’t come off, you’re gutted and you look for answers. The easiest one, that your entourage can give you, is that it is Nice’s fault. But the logical answer is that, at Nice, we will never hold a player back. We didn’t stop Papy Mendy from moving on, how do you want us to go about holding on to Seri? Financially, are we going to refuse an offer for 40 million? That’s almost our budget! And if Barça had been turned over, I don’t think they would have loaned Marlon to us.”

“We will do all that we can so that he can get going again”

The President then focussed on what follows these events and notably the Ivorian’s return to the squad. “Today, Mika knows very well what happened and why he didn’t go to Barcelona. He knows very well that it isn’t the club’s fault. He was within reach of a move to a very big club. He has all the assets needed to carry on working, to progress under the watchful eye of the coach, to enjoy himself, to bring happiness to our fans, and I am sure that at the end of everything, he will have the rewards that he has been waiting for for so long. The best thing he can do, is to play football and to enjoy it. I am not annoyed with him: we will do all that we can so that he can get going again.”