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"Thank you to the Gym!"


August 23, 2017

"Thank you to the Gym!"

It was an evening to let yourself get carried away, to be taken by the dream. The 32 103 fans in the Allianz Riviera never denied themselves of that. Without, of course, pinching themselves so that they wake up. Enthusiastic, a hint of rebelliousness, they believed in the challenge. And when Callejon rendered it inaccessible, their support never wavered. Rather than dwelling on their disappointment that was to come, the Nice support, on the other hand, made the most of the occasion. Fully.

There was a level of happiness to be shared by all. Those people who screamed with all their force when the hymn of "Champions" rang out. Those fans who saw their side fight today, with their heads held high, against a giant of the continent, in the most prestigious of competitions that had landed in Nice for the first time.

Also, there were the songs that doubled in power at the end of the game following the second goal from Insigne. When, just a few moments prior, an eruption of applause left us with goosebumps in the 86th minute, in a dedication to the victims of the 14th July attack.

Before a European autumn in the "C3" group stage for a second consecutive season, a great finish to this Champions League adventure which started against Ajax was needed. The supporters created it with their choir. At the final whistle, thousands of voices resounded together to pay tribute to their side with a vibrant "Merci le Gym!". Summing up so well the feeling that filled all those who support the Red and Black cause...