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A huge sign of support


May 5, 2017

A huge sign of support

The capital of the Côte d’Azur continue to don their red and black colours. Whilst many hommages have been paid from the four corners of the city and from beyond its borders, a big stage was overcome on Thursday as a huge section canvas is now proudly adorned on the facade of the Théâtre National in Nice, dominated by an unmistakable phrase: “The city of Nice and the Niçois are proud of OGC Nice”.

Launched after the victory over Nancy, the ‘Nice en Rouge Et Noir’ movement is growing at pace. This Thursday marked a turning point in terms of style, because away from the the creative and inspired individuals, the shop owners, terraces, bars, beaches, restaurants and on public transport, the artistic world and local institutions have proudly shown the Gym’s colours. Their colours.

The Métropole Nice Côte d’Azur, the City of Nice, the Théâtre National in Nice and Passionately TNN were mobilised to created a large visual in honour of the club who represent them in France and in Europe. On the facade of the TNN, in the very centre of the city, opposite the coulée verte. Whilst it was visible from in the morning, the canvas was officially inaugurated at 5.45pm by Jean-Pierre Rivère, Christian Estrosi, Philippe Pradal, Irina Brook, the team from the Théâtre de Nice and the partners of Passionately TNN. “From the image and what is written on the visual, the first word that comes to me, it’s pride”, explained the President of the Gym. “It is the whole city that is behind the Aiglons and are proud of OGC Nice for their historic season” supported the President of the Métropole.

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