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March 29, 2017

The Gym's future home from the sky

The work on OGC Nice's new training ground is taking great strides forward. The result is clear to see for all who frequent the Parc des Sports Charles-Ehrmann. The official website offers you the opportunity to make the most of seeing the the progress being made thanks to the spectacular images taken by Drone 06.

The ground works are completed and the shell of the building is becoming more than evident. And for the past few weeks, it is the entrance hall in the form of a sphere on the road side of the site, that is attracting all of the attention.

4 levels, 6300 m2 of surface area, 6 and a half training pitches (2 hybrid pitches, 1 artificial and the rest will be made from natural turf). The site is advancing well for the training centre that will become the home for all at the club - the first team, the members of the academy and the administrative staff.

Delivered this summer

The final stages have begun. The finishing of the exterior walls as well as the interiors has begun. The complex will be delivered as planned over the summer. A new major step in the development of the club.  "A club also grows thanks to its infrastructure. After the shop at Massena, the stadium, and now the training ground. It will be an effective and convivial tool. In terms of working conditions, it will be like when we moved from the Ray to the Allianz Riviera", according to President Rivère.

L.O. - Images from Drone 06