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Mario, the Gym, Nice and the people of Nice


March 16, 2017

Mario, the Gym, Nice and the people of Nice

A guest of the Team Duga show on RMC, hosted by Christophe Dugarry, Mario Balotelli gave a detailed review of his season. The 26 year old Italian international who has scored 10 goals in 16 matches in L1, spoke in-depth on various subjects. No holds barred, he passionately revealed all of his love for the Gym, Nice and the Niçois. Here is an extract from his interview:

“I am really happy here. We have amazing fans. They encourage us in every match and for that, I want to thank them. It’s a team of youngsters, younger than me. I was welcomed superbly and I am very happy here.”

“The members of the Gym’s squad that impress me? Seri, Plea, Cyprien and Ricardo. They are very good.”

"The important thing for me, is to play in every game, because throughout nearly all of my career, I have never had this opportunity to do that.”

“Questioned on the possibility of having a « big club in Nice in the next few years.” “I hope so. (Speaking to Christophe Dugarry) If it works out like that, I will sign here for the rest of my life. If there is European football, to live here, have a new training ground, I can’t see what we could do to better that!”

"The referees have a way of judging things that is different from what I have experienced before. When I was sent off for the first time (at Bordeaux), I went to Paris for the Disciplinary Hearing and I told them that the best players in each team should be protected. If you are fouled 25 times, of course, there is a time when you are going to react. I am not saying you need to hit them, you aren’t allowed to do that, but for me, to speak to the ref, that is important.”

“I love the national side. I haven’t spoken to the coach over the phone. If he calls me, I will be there.”