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Post-game interview

November 6, 2016

Favre: 'We were too hasty'

Coach, nothing seemed to go our way today…
Not really. The first half was tough. There were very few chances but it was a balanced match. It was pretty tough to concede a goal three minutes from half-time. We should have avoided the goal and gone into the break at 0-0. But what's done is done and we still had 45 minutes in which to hit back. After that, we got forward much more and took more risks, even though I regret how hasty we were. We really needed to equalise; we had to score one goal before we could think about scoring a winner. And we didn't have a lot of chances. Sometimes, two chances are enough. And we had those chances.
As we’re the league leaders, we knew that it would be difficult and hard-fought match. Caen were well-organised, compact and very tough to move around - especially with their five defenders pouncing on second balls. Our opponents also know how to hit on the counter.

How did this hastiness penalize your team? 
We wanted to get forward too quickly, even though you have to stay organised in defence and attack. We were too hasty , telling ourselves that we had to win. But that's wrong: first of all, you have to play your game. We should never forget this. Sure we want to win, but it should never be 'we have to'.

There was a lot said and written… perhaps that had an influence?
You have to know how to be patient. If not, you forget your instructions and become disorganised. Today, our defensive solidity suffered a bit because of this hastiness. And when it happens, it's hard to recover.  

Does your busy recent schedule adequately explain this defeat?
It had nothing to do with fatigue. If we re-played all our matches so far this season, some of them could turn out like this one did. I've always said it, and that's why I never get a big head. Praise was flying around but a coach has to analyse things differently. It's my duty to keep my feet on the ground.

It's the end of a great run. Did you think it could end today?
We prepare for every match looking to win it, but we know that you ultimately can't control how a match turns out. It was clear that at a certain point, things would inevitably start going less well than they had been. Now we just need to analyse what happened, work hard and stay positive.