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L'Esprit OGC Nice

The OGC Nice spirit

A competitive mentality

Each and every OGC Nice team has pride in the club badge and in the city of Nice and its people. Across France, no matter the competition, and beyond national borders, the player wearing the Rouge et Noir (Red and Black) has an obligation to respect the colours, honour them and always strive to succeed. Each player that pulls on the shirt must breathe the values of hard work, sacrifice and perseverance.

A proud technical identity

Vincent Koziello

OGC Nice demands of its young players a short-passing game, fast and precise, for technical footballers; a style of play based simultaneously on discipline and creativity, efficiency and, ultimately, enjoyment.

On a daily basis, the training exercises are geared towards this end, across all age groups. The coaches put the players in difficult situations, simulating the tense conditions of competition in order to maximise their progress.

At OGC Nice, the young footballer works in a demanding environment. He develops the ability to think and act quickly, finding the appropriate technical response to any situation.

Finally, under the direction of experienced and reputed coaches, the Club places strong emphasis on the promotion of the young player through the ranks. In real terms, it offers the opportunity for the most successful players to play in older age groups, without restriction. Due to this approach, every year the OGC Nice youth sides are recognised as the youngest in their respective national competitions.

Grounded in the real world

The boarders at the OGC Nice youth academy remain entirely open to the world in which they reside. In addition to their daily routine, the youngsters are exposed to various cultural and alternative activities; from boxing to theatre classes. The young Nice footballers also actively take part in a number of charity drives, which are dear to the Club's heart.

Excellent medical supervision

The youth academy’s young players receive treatment from qualified, experienced medical staff who work closely with the professional squad. From one season to the next, the doctors, physiotherapists, fitness and mental coaches work in the young players’ best interests. Prevention, cure, teaching good habits and personally tailored weights training (from 16yrs); the medical staff accompany the athletes before, during and after matches. With a close working relationship, and the ability to listen to the young players’ needs, the medical staff are a precious tool in the development of a growing adolescent. 

A great goalkeeping tradition

Take a look through the history of Le Gym and it’s clear to see that there was never a lack of great goalkeepers. Better still, many of them have come through the club’s own youth academy! Jacomo, Peyron, Piveteau and Jallamion all grew big enough to reach the crossbar on the Côte d’Azur. The same goes for the trio Letizi, Alonzo and Aloisio in the 1990s. Damien Grégorini and Hilaire Munoz followed...

Mouez HassenAnd then came Hugo. Our Hugo. Who became the Lloris of a whole country... and since then, the France national team captain. Luca Veronese and Mouez Hassen, both internationals, signed their first pro contracts at the Club.  We have established a general training policy for this position, from the debutants through to the reserves,, explains Lionel Letizi, head goalkeeping coach.​ This policy doesn’t only impact on the goalkeeping coaches, but all the coaches. We want to establish the goalkeeper as one of the team – like any other player, a part of the club’s playing style. As well as running the goalkeeper training, the goalkeeping coach is present at all training session, to ensure a progression in all domains of the game.