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A nice journey and several memories

Vitesse - Nice

December 6, 2017

A nice journey and several memories

The Aiglons have just landed in the Netherlands. Leaving from Nice, they landed in Amsterdam, after a two hour flight. Another hour on the bus and they had arrived at their base camp, the day before their clash against Vitesse Arnhem (kick-off on Thursday at 9.05pm) 

Images are the best reminder of reality and allow us not to forget. The last time that the Gym stopped off in Amsterdam, it was to write one of the most beautiful pages of its modern history. After a draw which secured Europe against Ajax (2-2), a goal from Souquet, and a flick from Seri and the right foot of Marcel, the Red ad Black delegation left the Netherlands to head home with a feeling of a mission accomplished. 

Six months later, it is with a rather similar feeling that Lucien Favre’s side landed there at around about 11am. Because after having secured a ticket for the Europa League at the start of August, they return there knowing full well that they will be in the Round of 32, in mid-February. A return for a final game of the group stage, as the final piece to the puzzle.

Leaving the cold of the Côte d’Azur, at a time when voices are kept down, the young Aiglons headed back to the place where some of them had shone. Looking out of the window, they could see one of the most famous ports in French music, then the arena which lit up the summer period.

Very few participated in it (Cardinale, Dante, Sarr, Koziello, Srarfi and Plea), given that a fresh look is abundantly clear around the squad that will face Vitesse Arnhem on Thursday, at 9.05pm.

In any case, the clouds are the same as they were six months ago and the host country is too, and the story can only continue on at the blink of an eye.

By preparing to close one chapter to better open the next.