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The captain at the helm


November 27, 2017

The captain at the helm

The day after the defeat at home against Lyon and with only two days before the trip to Toulouse, the Aiglons captain spoke to the press. An opportunity to discuss the side’s current difficulties as it sits in 18th place after 14 games.

Tell us about the situation after Nice-Lyon...
First things first, we are all aware of the situation. We really need to get it into our heads, into our efforts, into the intensity, to get a quicker speed to go out and get the victory.

What is the key going forward?
We are going to be solid, united, we are going to go out and fight. We need to go to war. If we thought last year that we were going onto the pitch to enjoy ourselves. This year, we have to think about something else. War, in a good way of course, we are not going to kill anyone. But on the pitch, in the battles, there is a winner. That needs to be us now. In the kilometres that we put in, we need to put more in every time. If we take a blow, we need to get back up. We haven't had much credit, but now we need to go back to the basics of football. It comes from a very very good team spirit, with lucidness, intensity, and of course, not letting anything go. 

How does the squad feel about the pressure on the coach? 
We are all behind him, it's clear that at a club, it's easier to change one person rather than twenty. But it is the coach who got us to a very high level last year. Now, it's down to us to give everything for him to ease the pressure on him, because it's not easy. He is trying to find a system that can help us. We all know that at many clubs, as soon as the results aren't there, everyone is under pressure, the coach and the players too. It's down to us to remain united so that we remain clear about the situation.

How are you approaching the upcoming games?
It's clear that I can't guarantee that on Wednesday or on Saturday, we will go out and get the wins. We are going to train and to concentrate on doing so. We all know how we should approach the games, the most important things are to battle for everything and to remain lucid about the situation. To accept the criticism, be it from you (the press), which is normal too, and from our supporters who are unhappy, and we understand them. These are times from which we can learn and we mustn't hide, even though it's a difficult time. It's something you have to live through.