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2014-2017: A birth in photos


October 5, 2017

2014-2017: A birth in photos

3 and a half years. That is, more or less, the time needed for the new face of the Red and Black family to be erected from the ground. 16 April 2014, Jean-Pierre Rivère (President of OGC Nice) and Christian Estrosi (Mayor of Nice) presented the project of the new training ground, accompanied by the architect Jean-Philippe Cabane, in charge of the creation of the building. The first stone of a new life…

In January 2016, this first stone became reality. It was laid just a stone’s throw away from Charles-Ehrmann, where the Aiglons’ new home would see the light of day. The works had officially kicked-off.

Summer 2016. The first stone had begun to grow considerably. It even had lead to an imposing line, given that the structural works came to an end in the summer season. Two natural pitches were delivered. The overall site was coming together, with just the finishings to be added. Life was beginning to change.

5 October 2017, the new training centre is officially inaugurated. Sumptuous, and ready to welcome the whole of the club. However, we will need to wait for several years for the final addition to the new daily life to be added. In September 2018, a large pitch as well as a five-a-side pitch will be delivered.

Finally, in the middle of 2019, a stand will be added for the National 2 and Youth League matches.

The A to Z of a dream, that has become reality.

C.D. - Photos A.D., L.O. and Drone 06