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Favre: “We can only be annoyed with ourselves”


October 2, 2017

Favre: “We can only be annoyed with ourselves”

In his press conference, Lucien Favre appeared annoyed and disappointed by the way his side managed its 2 goal lead.

Coach, too many errors brought down your side tonight…

When you lead 2-0 it’s difficult to take. We started very well, we lead 2-0, we had the match in hand, we were controlling the game. At that moment, you can’t lose concentration, you need to move the ball about, intelligently. Not to be hit on the counter when you lead 2-0… Of course, you need to want to score the third but above all, you need to defend well. We gave them the chances. We made mistakes that we paid for. In terms of the tactical management, it wasn’t that.

The fourth at the start of the second period hurt you…

Everything hurt us in this match. We had a whole half to come back and we conceded a goal just after kick-off…

There were several key moments in the first half. A penalty that wasn’t given for a foul on Souquet at 2-0 and the counter from Saint-Maximin at 2-1…

Yes, you are right. But what I regret is our lack of control at 2-0. The rest are just parts of the game. A 2-0, they shouldn’t see the ball anymore. We shouldn’t take excessive risks. We didn’t manage it tactically.

Did the strength of character of Marseille shock you?

No, it isn’t their strength of character, it’s us. We can only be annoyed with ourselves. They have good players, but we knew that.

What did you say to your players after the game?

For the moment, nothing. But we all learn every day from our errors.

In the absence of Jallet, you started with Sarr in that position, who struggled to acclimatise.

Listen, we will watch the game again. I will see what really happened, even if I already know a little bit. It isn’t really his positon. Coly? He isn’t really ready.

You are in 10th this evening. What do you make of that?

We will need to look at it at Christmas, at the winter break. Lots of things happened this summer. But this evening, we could have finished the evening very happy. But we lacked control…..mmmmh (he exhales). I am not at all happy with the way we managed it. At 2-0, it’s not possible to do what we did.