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L. Favre: "Find the balance"


August 27, 2017

L. Favre: "Find the balance"

Lucien Favre answered questions from the press during the traditional post-match press conference. Disappointed by the way Week 4 of L1 worked out, the Gym’s coach is planning on making the most of the international break to continue working hard.

Coach, what analysis do you take from this defeat against Amiens (0-3)?
We were not good in our game, not good defensively. For the moment, it’s very difficult because we are conceding soft goals. The first goal came from a free-kick which we gave to them 16 metres out. And then, another corner… That’s too much. But it’s a lack of stability, because we didn’t have enough of the ball, not enough chances. It’s linked.

How can you explain the lack of reaction?
You go 1-0 down and then 2-0 down quite quickly. You can’t say that the team didn’t react. In the 2nd half, we tried, even if it wasn’t anything spectacular. They defended very well, and we created very few opportunities. One chance max. Two shots on target, it’s not enough. We lacked incisiveness, accurate link-up play. And when I talk about the balance of the team, it’s the tactics of the whole team between the players.

Like for example between Allan St-Maximin and Wesley Sneijder?
I’ll repeat it: we need to find balance within the team, that’s the most important thing.

Rémi Walter on the right wing, is that also for the balance?
Walter is a left-footed player who likes to cut in, he is quick with the ball at his feet. Against Guingamp, that worked well. To play with a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 you need the right players. For the moment, it’s difficult to find the right balance, the thing which suits and which allows us to do our best with this squad.

“No excuses”

The absence of Mika Seri, did it have a big impact this evening?
It’s not an excuse. It isn’t only that, you can’t make excuses. We weren’t compact. There was no cutting edge, no risk taking with the ball at our feet. It wasn’t well oiled.

Is that your worst match?
Yes. Since I have been with Nice? Maybe.

Did Amiens surprise you?
No, because I watched their first 3 games. The first against Paris, it was difficult, against Angers, they lost 2-0 but they could have drawn or won. And then against Sainté, they conceded two penalties, two on counter-attacks when they lost the ball. They hit the post twice and Konaté was alone in front of the keeper at 0-0.

Do you think that the Gym is feeling the effects of a busy summer?
We qualified against Ajax, that’s the main thing, but that can’t be an excuse. We played on Tuesday, now it’s Saturday, we are pros, so once again, we can’t use that argument as an excuse.